We are storing 

DNA is a dense, replicable, low-power, and eternally relevant storage polymer.

We are leveraging the power of enzymes and software to create the world's most scalable DNA data storage infrastructure. 



Data vault


Some data are extremely precious and should never be  lost. These could be legal, health, or financial documents. Alternatively, they could be letters, photos, or videos of personal value. These data should be kept by  you, not forgotten on a drive or managed by 'the cloud'.  DNA can last for generations. 

Track, Trace


The world's supply chain is complex. Production and distribution of food, textiles, and pharmaceuticals involves many intermediates and steps. Quality control requires traceability. DNA's extreme density makes it easy to insert or embed into objects and fluid streams as a forensic data storage molecule. 

Big data


The world is generating more data than it can store. Demand for storage will soon outstrip the availability of memory-grade silicon being mined. Together with slowing density advances from the storage industry, a new medium is need. DNA is the densest, replicable storage medium known.

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2017/09/14: Technology Working Group Meeting on future DNA synthesis technologies, Washington DC

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Our  Founding Team


Henry H. Lee, PhD

Co-Founder, CEO

Henry is a leading expert in systems and synthetic biology. At Harvard Medical School, he developed the first demonstration of enzymatic DNA synthesis for data storage. 


George M. Church, PhD

Co-Founder, Professor at Harvard / MIT

George has made foundational contributions to DNA sequencing and is a pioneer in synthetic biology and large-scale genome engineering. 


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